Scotch. An ancient, moody, bold and expressive whisky, demanding attention, respect and understanding. We'd like to assert that, at its finest, our cuisine showcases the same emotions. For this dinner, we'll complement the floral and fierce elegance of a prized collection Single Malt Scotches with four courses of craftsmanship from the Good Luck kitchen. Seasonal preparations will allow Chef Martello and crew to tune cuisine to the intricate nuances of the full range of expressions from Oban (Highland), Lagavulin (Islay), Taliskar (Isle of Skye) and Dalwhinnie (Speyside).

This dinner is part of the 2019 Rochester Cocktail Revival.

Friday, June 7, 6:00p (Dinner will be served at 6:30p). Seats are $85 per person, and include a 4-course dinner, spirit pairings, tip and tax. Limited seating available.